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Children of Pasrur

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This web page is a result of yearning I have seen in many people who were born or lived in Pasrur and who have missed their home town.  I have seen brothers gathering in a warandah in winter or summer and counting the names and number of train stations between Pasrur and Lahore.  It appeared a futile exercise to me at that time for as a child I was a silent but keen observer of these longings for Pasrur. I wondered what that magic place called ‘Pasrur’ was.  I wondered at times if these people would have been happier had they continued to live in their small village compared to dazzling life in a large city.  These people died without seeing their homeland again.

The purpose of this web page is to recite their story and for me to relive the days and nights that these people had lived. Their longings for Pasrur that they had left even before I was born.  It is to give a voice to the fun and good times they had in Pasrur.  It is to narrate their sorrows at having to leave it.  It is to narrate their misery in a new and alien land.  It is to record their triumph over adverse circumstances and finally to appreciate the sacrifices they were all forced to make for a better life for their children.  This story finally smiles at the good fortune of the children for the legacy their parents who themselves were ‘Children of Pasrur’ have left for their children.