Religious crying refugees

The room full of religious leaders had a sombre look. An old man with a gray beard and compassion of Jesus in his eyes was speaking. He cried as he talked about our unfortunate brethren, children of our same God were finding themselves in Australia. Their homes had been bombed out, lively hoods ruined, education interrupted, they were crying for help. We should embrace them. We must support them. We should go and talk to them, make them feel welcome …. on and on goes on the old man.

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Why Australian women look more beautiful than Indian women

The train at North Sydney station was crowded as office goers were eager to get home intime. There were a large number of Indians both young men and young women, well dressed and I was probably among those postgraduates living in Parramatta but working in the tech center of North Sydeny.

I was looking appreciatively at these young IT wizards. The Indian women were mostly dressed in western clothes as were those Australian women in the crowded compartment. I could not help but notice the beauty of some of the Australian women. Continue reading “Why Australian women look more beautiful than Indian women”