Suri Films

In His Name


What is it that people mean by a God.


People do untold acts of charity and violence in the name of God. Who is this being that so much is done for. What is it that people mean by a God that they believe in or refuse to believe in.

This documentary interviews people of various faiths including Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Hare Krishna, who explain what they mean when they say God. New age, scientists, philosophers and scientists also have their say about existence or otherwise of God.  Belief in a particular book and God as source of terrorism is touched upon.  Relation between Science and Religion is explored.

Impact that a belief or otherwise in a God on Human culture is explored. Finally a challenge is thrown to science, to use its rigour and systematic approach to define God.

The documentary approaches the subject matter as non-aligned to any particular faith or view. Prominent interviewees are Cardinal George Pell and Robyn Williams, ABC Radio Science show host. Impressive performance is given by Dr Peter Slezak from University of New South Wales at Sydney, Sarah Campbell Lambert an actress and new age follower. Buddhist monk Bhante Sujato is very open and articulate.

Producer : Surinder Jain
Writer : Surinder Jain
Script editors : Surinder Jain and Steven Fernandez
Directors : Surinder Jain and Steven Fernandez<br>
Camera : Surinder Jain assisted by Steven Fernandez<br>
Digital editing : Surinder Jain<br>
Sound editing : Tim Newsom<br>
Colour grading : Dion Wilton<br>
Music : Kevin Macleod