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Defining God



Is it possible to define GOD using rigour and systematic way of science?


Is it possible to use rigor and systematic way of science to define God? Two friends start this discussion over a coffee and develop a theory of God as Ultimate cause of the Universe. They speculate if Science can ever find God. They show that Science will remain ignorant about absolute reality until it has reached the Ultimate cause level of understanding.

Two assumptions are made.  First, every effect has a cause and second, a cause can not be produced by its own effect.  A cause and effect relationship system is developed and depicted as a diagram.  Readers are taken step by step with the aid of diagram and examples to grasp the subtle concepts.  The documentary has been presented with simple arguments with the aid of a network diagram. Many subtle concepts have been presented in an easy to understand manner.  It is shown how science and religion get their picture of reality.

This documentary is a result of  yearning to use scientific methods to understand what various religions are really talking about when they talk about God.  It is based on a manuscript written by Surinder Jain with the same title as this documentary.

Prominent interviewees are Cardinal George Pell and Robyn Williams, ABC Radio Science show host, Dr Peter Slezak from University of New South Wales at Sydney and Buddhist monk Bhante Sujato.


Producer : Surinder Jain
Writer : Surinder Jain
Script editors : Surinder Jain and Steven Fernandez
Directors : Surinder Jain and Steven Fernandez
Actors : Rene Lim, Mellisa Savage and Luci Marinelli
Camera : Surinder Jain assisted by Steven Fernandez
Digital editing : Surinder Jain
Sound editing : Tim Newsom
Colour grading : Dion Wilton
Music : Kevin Macleod