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Films by Surinder

A Pink Town Revival of Koroit Defining God In HIS Name A Priest In Canberra Cave Temple Child Labour Coorong Temple Dancers Vastu of Canberra Chai Ji’s BBQ

About Surinder

Director and producer Surinder Jain is new to documentary making.  He studied MBA from New Delhi and got trained as an IT specialist.  He has worked in various countries before settling in Australia.   Since 1985, he has been a photography and video hobbyist.  In 1995, he took to recording various places of interest in Australia as one man team.  Various documentaries and a small comedy that he produced have been shown on TV stations in Australia and New Zealand.

Surinder has always been fascinated by people’s belief in God and its consequences to society and individuals.  In 1996, he wrote a manuscript describing people’s faith or rejection of God.  He expanded it to provide a rigorous definition of God as “Ultimate” cause of all causes.  This manuscript has lead to the production of two documentaries.  The first one called “In HIS Name” is a survey of existing belief’s in God.  This documentary has been completed in November 2006.  The second documentary called “Defining God” was produced in December 2006.

List of films produced by Surinder are :

Child Labour –  in South Australia during 19th century
Cave Temple – in remote Western Australia
Coorong – Documentary on Aboriginal ceremonies
Revival of Koroit – History of a small town in Victoria, Australia

Temple Dancers – Documentary on a folk singer
A Priest in Canberra – Documentary on a Hindu Priest with Steven Guth
Chai Ji’s BBQ – Short comedy
Vastu of Canberra – Documentary on Feng shui of a city with Steven Guth
In HIS Name – One hour documentary on People’s belief in God and its consequences on society.
Defining God – Documentary on a rigirous definition of God as first cause of the universe.

A Pink Town – An outback town of Australia affected by Industrial pollution.