In the near future

In the near future :

Female Robots with built in Artificial Intelligence will satisfy every sexual and domination fantasy of a male better than a real woman can. Men can even deposit their sperm in their female robot consort for safe keeping and putting it on ebay for some good use.

Male Robots with built in Artificial Intelligence will outperform men when it comes to sexual performance (as long as their batteries remain charged). Male Robots will out perform men in providing emotional satisfaction to women.

In the near future, men will not need real women.

In the near future women will not need a real man. Male robots will chose a sperm from ebay and impregnate women with a baby of their choice characteristics.

Babies will be raised and reared in crèches managed by Artificial Intelligence.

A few generations later, Robots will rule humans and their world. Humans will become robot’s prized toys.